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About Us - GFS Chemicals

GFS Chemicals is a Columbus, OH, USA based chemical manufacturer and supplier of specialty and fine chemicals, serving customers worldwide since 1928. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer, GFS’ capability to produce specialty alkynes and olefins, pharmaceutical building blocks, trace metal salts and solutions, low moisture/anhydrous salts, and specialty rare earth salts and solutions makes GFS a preferred partner for organizations across an array of industries – including: pharmaceutical, electronics, energy, flavors & fragrances, agrichemicals, and specialty polymers.

In addition to GFS’ proprietary product portfolio of more than 8000 discrete high-quality products, available from small bottles to drum quantities, GFS offers a full range of Karl Fischer reagents, PPT/PPB trace analysis grade acids, turbidity standards, and other high-quality materials for your QA/QC laboratory. GFS’ staff works hand-in-hand with customers during the development and commercialization processes of new chemical technologies. GFS Chemicals is committed to its customers throughout the development process.  GFS’ technical staff readily works to understand the challenges its customers face and delivers custom solutions to meet their needs.

GFS Chemicals not only supplies more than 8,600 chemicals, it manufactures more than 8,000 of those right here in the USA. Products such as Ceric Ammonium Nitrate, and many more, are just some of our more popular products.